Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday morning - a good moment to start...

Time to start out on a new adventure and why not now? There is no real value I can see other than procrastination(which I am an expert in) in waiting to begin a new life on a Monday or on New Years Day. So this is the moment! Today I am going to start putting into action all the things I said I would do to make myself and my world around me a better place, according to me. Starting right now the first thing I am doing, is an immediate and decisive change to eating only to live. Does that sound simple? For someone who is not obsessed with the life long battle to be a smaller size, it might seem simple, but for those of us whose life has circled around it for an entire personal history it can be all that matters. Well, there are too many other important things to do, so this one is being put on notice; today is the day that I am living as if I am already Penelope Cruz and all of my decisions will reflect the fact that I am living as if...This will get me one step closer to the next adventure which is getting to Paris, living in in Paris, having enough money and beauty to feel good while I am doing it! Step one...a whey protein shake, black coffee and a shot of apple cider vinegar!

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