Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day three-breathe!

So, day three out of four leading into the full-on fall craziness! Yesterday, success in some areas; a nap, fruit market stock up, and bulk food stock up, night time/adult time outing. Focus on the positive:
*I did get a good start on the day and accomplished some things on my list
*My son had some fun times with friends and quiet time with me
*My husband fulfilled his love of football with the college opener
*Everyone else in my house but me has clean laundry
*We ran into some friends unexpectedly and had a much needed chat session to bring us back together

Why do I feel so lacking when it seems I did have several positive moments?
*Perhaps because I did not take very good care of myself - no workout
*Perhaps because some of the activities were me, on my own, checking off the list but not meaningful and not fulfilling
*Not sure I stopped to enjoy the moments
*Not sure I was always speaking kindly of others and trying to see the best in a situation
*Maybe feeling a little scared and anxious about the coming week; New job, new school for my son, return to long hours, seeing people I have not seen in a while
All of this pulsing through my system left me with little sleep and lots of racing thoughts.

For the rest of today I will do something different so that I do not feel this way again tomorrow:
*Starting now I will look for beauty; in figs, in a leaf, in the color of cinnamon
*Starting now I will pay attention to my son; his eyelashes, his voice, his curls
*Starting now I will give a compliment to each person I speak with; you smell yummy, you are kind, you are a great friend
*Starting now I will listen to listen and understand; tell me more, what do you mean, can you explain that to me...
*Starting now I will be a little easier on myself; you are a good person, you have a great smile, you love people, you are fun and silly
*Starting now I will do good things for my physical self; move, dance, roller skate, laugh, eat raspberries, drink water


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day two of four days to fall kick off!

Saturday, the second day on my way to a more focused fall, making new choices to embrace the current moment while also taking positive steps towards long-term gratification! Yesterday, I had a great day of superhydration, whole foods eating, lots of apples and greek yogurt, and positivity. I fell down later in the evening when we went to a football pep rally at U of M and pizza was calling to my boys. I cannot deny pizza Friday, especially fall-on-campus pizza Friday, so there I was confronted with bread and cheese. I am weak in the face of bread and cheese. I need a stronger long term vision when I face these two. Today I will try to keep in mind how much better I feel when I am healthy. Rather than happy for a moment, I feel happy most every moment. Here are my choices for today:
*superhydrate again: Water, green tea, coffee, apple cider vinegar with water
*whole foods; apples, yogurt, tofu
*rest, take a nap, chill
*watch the home opener -U of M v. Connecticut - go blue!
*read something
*exercise for one hour
* say a few mantras
*kiss and hug my son!
*be a joy spreader!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kick off of four days to fall!

There is no stopping Mother Nature and the cycle of the seasons. I am going to spend the next four days transitioning my life from smokin' summer to fantasmagical fall! Here is what I am going to do on day one, today:
*Super-hydrate with water and green tea
*Organize and prepare all of my gym clothes
*Detox my system with a fiber cleanse
*Organize my t-shirts, the staple of my wardrobe, the glue that holds all outfits together
*Laundry, massive laundry
*Organize notebooks and folders, put away all the ones I am not using this fall
*Whole foods; pink lady apples, greek yogurt, raspberries, protein shake with blueberries
*Take a cat nap
*Write a gratitude list
*Send a thank you note
*Read something inspiring
*Ride the bike for one hour
*30 push ups
*100 crunches
*Sing loud in the car
Check back in later to see how the fall into fall fest is going!