Sunday, August 22, 2010

No to mediocrity!

Today I remind myself that I refuse to settle, I will not be complacent and that I would rather be talked about as being wild, crazy, leaning towards unstable, than to be mired in mediocrity! What are the words I want associated with my life? Here are a few:
  • fun, funny, instigator of fun!
  • loving, lovable, inspiring and aspiring to bring the love!
  • joy-filled, joy-spreader, crazy with joy!
  • adventurous, adventurer and seeker of adventure in everyday moments!
Today, I am going out into the world and living my life as me, the real me, the one on the inside and the one who is visible to the outside world. I am going to...
  • wear my favorite chunky sandals to the grocery store!
  • compliment every person I come in contact with!
  • set up a beach in my backyard with beach towels, beach chairs, and the sprinkler!
  • kiss someone every hour, watch out!
  • draw a bouquet of flowers on the driveway with sidewalk chalk!
  • sing the Beastie Boys in the car as loud as I can on the way to the library where I am going to borrow a French film to watch while I give my self a pedicure with purple polish and blue polka dots!
  • invite my family and my best girl friend to join me on today's adventure!
It is a start for this very moment, while dreaming up other adventures! Love and peace!

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