Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some days just call for a happy list...

This is one of those days when I just need to make a list of perfectly simple, simply perfect moments that anyone can create, right when you need them:
  • The beauty of a single flower, a wild flower, a weed, the beauty of nature
  • A tall cold glass of water with lots of ice
  • Sitting quietly to read a few pages from a favorite book
  • Taking a moment to breathe in a favorite scent, a perfume, a lime, clean laundry
  • A kiss on the cheek of a little boy or girl in your life, breathe in the happiness of childhood while you are there
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Make a list of happy ideas and then follow it through the day and into tomorrow!
Love, peace and happy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No to mediocrity!

Today I remind myself that I refuse to settle, I will not be complacent and that I would rather be talked about as being wild, crazy, leaning towards unstable, than to be mired in mediocrity! What are the words I want associated with my life? Here are a few:
  • fun, funny, instigator of fun!
  • loving, lovable, inspiring and aspiring to bring the love!
  • joy-filled, joy-spreader, crazy with joy!
  • adventurous, adventurer and seeker of adventure in everyday moments!
Today, I am going out into the world and living my life as me, the real me, the one on the inside and the one who is visible to the outside world. I am going to...
  • wear my favorite chunky sandals to the grocery store!
  • compliment every person I come in contact with!
  • set up a beach in my backyard with beach towels, beach chairs, and the sprinkler!
  • kiss someone every hour, watch out!
  • draw a bouquet of flowers on the driveway with sidewalk chalk!
  • sing the Beastie Boys in the car as loud as I can on the way to the library where I am going to borrow a French film to watch while I give my self a pedicure with purple polish and blue polka dots!
  • invite my family and my best girl friend to join me on today's adventure!
It is a start for this very moment, while dreaming up other adventures! Love and peace!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A dream, a day and a daydream...

One of the beautiful things about this life is the ability to create a new storyline everyday. Without losing sight of who I am, there are so many choices to make each day that I can virtually write the story of my life one decision at a time. I am struggling with this since my choices are frequently less than smart. I am trying to remember that this empowers me to create me! When I think about this, the impulsive me wants to drain the bank account and head to Paris where I will smoke, sit at cafes endlessly, drink pastis with a group of friends who talk things that matter and never settle. The other, more stable me, really wants to do the same thing...hmmm...For today I am choosing to enjoy the moments in my current life; I will savor the thick swirl of espresso at my favorite coffee shop, I will talk to the barista about what is going on in his life, I will pay attention and ask real questions, I will take a whiff of the cigarette smoke as I pass by a group of smokers in front of the coffee shop and I will daydream of Paris...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Determined to stay present in this day

I love mornings! There is so much hope at the beginning of the day, so many directions to go in, so many things that might happen! Maybe today is the day! The one I have been waiting for all my life when everything comes together and I feel like I got it right! What can I do to create this feeling? Well, here is what I am going to try for today:
  • I am going to take it as it comes and smile through it!
  • I am going to love and appreciate whatever Mother Nature decides to do with the weather and I am going to stop and pay attention to it for a moment!
  • I am going to do something that makes me feel like a strong girl warrior who can take over the world, my world anyways, like light saber battle with my son, run around the middle school track, do 30 push-ups, sing Nine Inch Nails on RockBand, go on the Slip and Slide!
  • I am going to help someone else see how great they are and take them along on my journey to feel great about today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So now it is the late afternoon and I am thinking; where to go from here... I walked out in the sun, I have super-hydrated with countless glasses of water and green tea, I biked for an hour and I did some math and haiku writing with my son. All in all, a good day so far. But I want it to be an amazing, exciting, awe-inspiring day. Ideas for sending it into another space:
  • write a letter to someone I love and tell them why I love them, why they are special
  • write one to myself and remind myself of all the ways I am special
  • find some paints, markers, crayons and draw something, anything, just see color
  • paint my nails bright blue
  • lay flat in the grass and just feel the weight of the world
  • kiss someone and really pay attention
I will try and see what happens...

Wednesday morning - a good moment to start...

Time to start out on a new adventure and why not now? There is no real value I can see other than procrastination(which I am an expert in) in waiting to begin a new life on a Monday or on New Years Day. So this is the moment! Today I am going to start putting into action all the things I said I would do to make myself and my world around me a better place, according to me. Starting right now the first thing I am doing, is an immediate and decisive change to eating only to live. Does that sound simple? For someone who is not obsessed with the life long battle to be a smaller size, it might seem simple, but for those of us whose life has circled around it for an entire personal history it can be all that matters. Well, there are too many other important things to do, so this one is being put on notice; today is the day that I am living as if I am already Penelope Cruz and all of my decisions will reflect the fact that I am living as if...This will get me one step closer to the next adventure which is getting to Paris, living in in Paris, having enough money and beauty to feel good while I am doing it! Step one...a whey protein shake, black coffee and a shot of apple cider vinegar!