Friday, September 3, 2010

Kick off of four days to fall!

There is no stopping Mother Nature and the cycle of the seasons. I am going to spend the next four days transitioning my life from smokin' summer to fantasmagical fall! Here is what I am going to do on day one, today:
*Super-hydrate with water and green tea
*Organize and prepare all of my gym clothes
*Detox my system with a fiber cleanse
*Organize my t-shirts, the staple of my wardrobe, the glue that holds all outfits together
*Laundry, massive laundry
*Organize notebooks and folders, put away all the ones I am not using this fall
*Whole foods; pink lady apples, greek yogurt, raspberries, protein shake with blueberries
*Take a cat nap
*Write a gratitude list
*Send a thank you note
*Read something inspiring
*Ride the bike for one hour
*30 push ups
*100 crunches
*Sing loud in the car
Check back in later to see how the fall into fall fest is going!

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