Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day two of four days to fall kick off!

Saturday, the second day on my way to a more focused fall, making new choices to embrace the current moment while also taking positive steps towards long-term gratification! Yesterday, I had a great day of superhydration, whole foods eating, lots of apples and greek yogurt, and positivity. I fell down later in the evening when we went to a football pep rally at U of M and pizza was calling to my boys. I cannot deny pizza Friday, especially fall-on-campus pizza Friday, so there I was confronted with bread and cheese. I am weak in the face of bread and cheese. I need a stronger long term vision when I face these two. Today I will try to keep in mind how much better I feel when I am healthy. Rather than happy for a moment, I feel happy most every moment. Here are my choices for today:
*superhydrate again: Water, green tea, coffee, apple cider vinegar with water
*whole foods; apples, yogurt, tofu
*rest, take a nap, chill
*watch the home opener -U of M v. Connecticut - go blue!
*read something
*exercise for one hour
* say a few mantras
*kiss and hug my son!
*be a joy spreader!

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