Monday, October 4, 2010

Today takes the cake!

Today is the day that takes the cake, says my ten year old son. I think about all the things that this can mean and I am going to say that it does take the cake because it is the day that I figured out that I have to be the one to decide which direction I am going in regardless of everything that is happening around me. I am easy to go along with my family, friends and to go with the flow of other people's decisions and to know that ultimately life decides what comes our way. My mom ended up in the hospital last week and in seconds our world changed. The only thing that I had control over was my reaction to the change and frankly, I am not sure how I did. I know I could have done better. But today takes the cake, and I am not going to eat the cake, I am not going to fight with the cake, I am not going to be tortured by the cake, but I am going to stay with what I believe is best for me and I am going to stay the course, regardless of what comes my way. I am going to smile and enjoy the fact that I am here and I get another chance. Today takes the cake! Hopefully I will get a chance to see whether tomorrow takes the cake too!

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